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May 2007
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To Do List

I took a cue from Devonwood... haha!

1.  Get through the last ten days of school before exams
2.  Go to my friend's house to swim.
3.  Pick up a job application at Shopper's.
4.  Buy flats.
5.  Do Math homework.
6.  Chase down my lost wallet
7.  Go see Pirates.
8.  Fix the drama going on with my friends.
9.  Ask my mom about my friend's party.
10.  Get a birthday present for my mom.
11.  Go back to soccer.. now that I've figured out that I don't have mono.
12.  Start shopping for England/Europe trip.
13.  Beg my dad to have Limewire.
14.  Watch the new Palm Springs show
15.  Decide on a new piano teacher.
16.  Figure out what the hell Facebook is all about.
17.  Buy more phone credit.
18.  Go to bed earlier.

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Current Music: Go Let it Out by Oasis

Well, another Friday has rolled around.  This one I have off school which makes it slightly more interesting than usual.

So I really do need a job.  I've been trying to deicde for about six weeks now, trying to decide where and stuff but I definately now know that I need a job.  I probably haven't mentioned this before but I'm travelling to California in April with my school's choir to perform as part of the California Heritage Music Festival.  Suffice to say, the trip is not cheap and we're feeling the strain of the cost seeing as we're also spending an absurd amount of money to go back to England to visit in the summer.  I feel quite terrible demanding all of this money from my parents and I feel like I should do something so I've decided to get a job and maybe help them out a bit.

Uhmm.. there was something else relevant that I was going to post but now I have to go and I've forgotten.  So have a good weekend everyone!

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Current Music: Konstantine by Something Corporate

So yeah.. I went to see it and it sucks.  Cept I went with like a billion people which made it sooo much fun.  But yeah, I wasn't expecting much.  The first one pretty much sucked.  The second one just didn't make any sense at all!  The scary parts were predictable, the storyline was totally confusing and apparently the menancing ghost can be in two place at once.  Woo hoo!  Great movie!  Don't go see it, save your money.

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Current Music: Head Over Feet by Alanis Morisette

 Current Mood:  Anticipation
Current Music:  See Right Through by Mobile.

Kayy.. I totally don't know how to use this lol.  So here's a try.  Lol.  My first entry!  And now I kinda have to go and get ready for soccer.  Haha.

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